7.from.619.mp3 / 24:08@128k / mary jane junkees / mitchy slick+1 / hound foundation / relativez / c-bo / ecay uno

could you imagine, habitatin, in a section of constant gangbangin
i lost so many loved ones im paralized from the sadness
around here ngga you grew up where to fck around'll blow up yr eyebrows n lashes
and it's quadruple the threat for mitchy
my enemies were dropping so constantly, they sent the feds to lynch me
but a money-counting machine is all the f'ers had against me
every day the california judicial conjures new ways to fence me
r.i.c.o. law, the gang injunction
just last night lil e and lil fatback got smashed with a gang detail
coming from a dj quick and slick function
im a california banger enemy of the state
lil mad bobo got seven, black mikey got eight
and i gotta watch for the crosstown they the maddest
cause i sent them to get their homeboys layin...