1, it's all about the drums
2, premier in a recent waxpoetics interview
checks off rockers from smiths to genesis as influences
3, trick daddy's 2005 "lets go" riffing on crazy train
crazy lame? or time to reconsider other
salvageable corners of the 80s
. .
police.driven-to-tears stewart copeland 1980
u2.11-oclock-ticktock larry mullen 1980
billy-squier.stroke bobby chouinard 1981
frida.something-going-on phil collins 1982
rush.digital-man neal peart 1982
motley-crue.livewire tommy lee 1983
stones.too-much-blood charlie watts 1984
plant.trouble-yr-money ritchie hayward 1985
bauhaus.muscle-in-plastic kevin haskins 1988
joy-division.shes-lost-control stephen morris 1988
there was
no talking car, just
hasslehoff driving around drunk
. . .