when i hear
jazz musicians today
playing all these same licks we used to
play so long ago, i feel sad for them
i mean it's like going to bed
with a real old person
who even smells
real old
i like
stuff. i have to always
be on the cutting edge of things
bc that's just the way i am and have always been
miles davis, 1989 / "running the voodoo down" 2005
the pure fact that people are mad about fashion makes it mean something
i dont know exactly what. my whole life i have been searching for the answer
to that question. at the moment my answer is that if everyone
is interested in it then it is, by nature, an interesting
subject. i would say that art is art
and that clothes is a
the impact
you have on people and the
money they spend for what you do is probably the most interesting
and exciting part of my job at the moment. im not interested
in comparing art to fashion. i just like to do something
new and clever. what im obsessed with is newness
for the sake of newnewss. always concentrating
and understanding and pushing things. what
is coming next is the only thing
that occupies
my mind
because basically
to get something new in
your mind is not to be bored
miucca prada / "the opposite of
everything" pop #17 2007
the recipes
for quantization are
a primitive manifestation of
the fact that the space of internal degrees
of freedom "at a single point" in vacuum is infinite-
dimensional because of the virtual generation of particles
further understanding is blocked until we relinquish
the idea of space-time as the basis
of all physics
yuri i manin / "mathematics and physics" 1979