george carlin in an interview pointed out every joke contains an exaggeration

my friend invited me to a benihana, she said you can sit right in front of the chefs as they're cooking
and it's a spectacle, they're great with the knife work... so we went and it was nice
it's when i saw my sirloin ricochet off the urinals that i said let's jet

but converse's false: exaggeration doesn't mean joke

in a dissenting opinion to cuellar v united states, judge jerry e smith, u.s. court of appeals fifth circuit
accused the govt of "making a mockery of the concept of money laundering". judge smith said
under the majority's definition, a "young petty thief" who stole a small sum and carried it
across the border in his shoe to enjoy a night "at the bars of nuevo laredo"
would be guilty of international money laundering and face 20 years
nyt 10.16.07 "justices to hear challenge to money-laundering law"