after 10
years of production
honda is pulling the plug on the s2k
first released in 1999 for the 2000 model year
the s2k was intended only as a limited ed tribute to mark
honda's 50th anniversary, but production was extended
nine years due to high consumer demand and
critical acclaim. honda has sold
110k s2k's, 65k in usa
& multi awards
. . .

. .
gas dampers: moton clubsport
. .
wheels: kenzo cuzco v2 18"s
meters: mugen
. . .
the future
of vtech, a-vtech
is the pinnacle of camshaft timing
it'll allow continuous variable camshaft timing and lift
the valves would be able to open at any time, for any amount of lift
the semi-rocker arm features a curved profile - thick on one end
thin on the other. it's all kind of like bmw's valvetronic
but far less complex and with less
reciprocating mass
. .
there's potential for
both economy and efficiency
to make significant
honda tuning 5/2009