by the emails i got after mailout* on network effects, many find it counterintutive that success of individuals, commercial and cultural products can be attributable more to network effects as through intrinsic qualities. so i thought i'd clarify a point - network effects doesn't imply that all nodes in a network are equal. in graph theory there are various quantitative concepts of "centrality" eg how well connected are you and those you directly connect w/, and those they directly connect w/. 2 examples:

.*. there was a time
when men used to wear fedoras in public
kennedy killed it when televised outdoor speeches showed him, no hat
ppl decided it's no longer modern, nothing intrinsic to fedoras
kennedy, leveraged by media [itself a network effect
not intrinsic to kennedy], the central trigger
but no worries, my man hallywd hal
is bringin sexyback

.*. at the mtv
video music awards
someone asked madonna on camera
what she was wearing and she said gucci gucci gucci
that was really the beginning
tom ford / frm head of design: gucci
"tom ford" 2004