test your
power of generalization

red-foxx.1-draw.mp3 3:11@160k
according to
heraclitus it is not possible
to step into the same river, nor is it possible
to touch a mortal substance twice
in so far as its state
is concerned
plato / fr91 "heraclitus"
the observed slope
of the abundance curve must
not be related to the temperature of
the original neutron gas but rather to the
time period permitted by the expansion process
alpher, bethe, gamow / "origin of the chemical elements" 1948
serve them my way
move give me room, holdin up your saloon
clean sweep, a broom full moons make me howl like a wolf
outta breath, sold only new vocal cords i heard genius
on geff, so step back to the lab at high velocity
my teammate enhance cells well like a pharmacy
fk horado pablos plan growas bravo
goodfellas we know, best sellers become novels
the man rockin head bands, silk scarves and jams
early 80's british rock, playboys, mocks, and shams
laser beam vocalist does well at symphonies, bad days
watch me snatch ice right outta tiffany's, remember
them kids that came off with 8 million? robbed
brinks and i labelled in royal pavillions
them flowerheads must have been stupid
tell me how the fk nggz get caught
wit that loot kid. that's jet $$
undaground money
submarines and rings
too bad you fked up dummies
ghostface / "wu-gambinos" 1995
i thought
america had studied
japan's failures. why is it
making the same mistakes?
hirofumi gomi / japan financial srvc agency
nyt 2.13.09 "in japan's stagnant decade, cautionary tales"
u.s. personal savings rate / bureau econ analysis: