b-1.life-we-lead.mp3 4:06@192k


shakespeare was great - hand him a mic let's hear his iambic
in a real-time situation. rap: b1, beats: large prof
1999 - the last breath of nyc's
last wave
. .
see what you gonna see
so you gotta be who you wanna be
. . .
either way you lose it
murder case is never proven
let's assume it
focus and notice the guilty human
but i move rapid on the coke salary no cap fits
the pen's barking your cabbage is twisted backward
full of __ these __ nggas is in the puny leagues
the __ soothing me, we abusing trees
and all sorts of liquor, i slit it raw
1/2 cooka
and leave the rest white
and flip it more
original __
my 3rd eye
is the all seeing
put you clear
drunk vibin off the 90min __
composite sketches in my mind i log ledgers?
america's dyin smokers
have this problem with complexions
master your lessons
get the idols value precious
lexus with these right dicks?
also continous? sections
illuminated dashboards
what more can you ask for
except hundred stacks of thousands in cash
__ exotic __
melodic triumph
the science of comment
when peoples get snatched contact the bondsman
so cross them, their only whips
second court they in the flip
back in the mix
w the 540 stay crisp
fully equipped
navigational computer
pouporri deeds supersedes the smell of any buddha
murderous slogans eternal explosions
pop fast let me in the shot glass
make it for __ on __ ass
. . .
it's the gun brandisher
w c4 attached to canisters
money handler
in the street a known tarantula
my venon's deadly
and police wanna apprehend me
__ just cut the bars
on the dungeon cells where they kept me
the safecracker
my fro makes this place shine like lacquer
in a week we make a year's pay __ son
sending __ up north for loan sharking
things are confidential like
my slug's about to compliment you
far from my target
pistol blood soak carpet for __
don't blow the whistle as i search for house loot
the court-appointed counsel
i have to trust __ serve __
flack jackets for cash i stacked __
getting cabbage, rubber band wrapped
fully attacking stacking
spark blunts finger prescibred? smart guns
stashed the ace before city, fed
and state narcs come
rhyme prolific lines __ your mind
cut a straw, sniffing magazines
banana, i'm montana with
the clip in
. . .
in this game
deep as donny brasco
soldiered up new york's castro
drinks overproof make my glass glow
can i take carnival cruises w marble jacuzzis
partying with fluzies bacardi's spice consumes me
instant burning, taking mc's through intense learning
through the money rinse, some events lead to murder
metropolis nomadic, apocalyptic __
positively savage
somebody's style got the __
__ criminals
sporting $1000 minimums
the silk sht brilliant
squeezing heat @2-second intervals
rapping fully the boulveard farmers?
they venture we the starters
detention dodgers
weapons connect the __
like ancient kings my life mystifies forever
one's the torch bearer scortching __
held on the weight like 3-times losers
trackmarks scar the arms and __ dime users
cottonmouth, from alcohol and continuous weed
we speed for green driven by love
money and greed
street curriculum got me wise
truth __
crystallized by the scale weight
that ngga's bail paid
but sometimes you can never resort to jail stay
it's hopeless, @35/gram i leave you cokeless
nggas whose prices don't even affect
our control width