blew out knee running, even though mostly on grass. no tears on mri, bad genetics? mobility prognosis worse than south american currency... two years ago i nailed a metal gate at 20 mph on my mtb and walked away. the sht about that is i knew that gate was there, at the end of a paved trail along monongahela - the only flat six mile stretch between mckeesport and pgh. i biked it all the time. it dead ends at eastern end but can hop across rails onto e. carson. when i wrecked it was dark and was haulin to get to a store before closing. kept sight on the trail's edge bc asphalt was luminous and coudln't see much else. misjudged the gate by a turn. flipped over 360, landing in sitting position eight feet in front of it, nothing wrong, watch glass cracked. for symmetry nada happened to the bike, embedded in the gate pointing straight at me. nothing bent not even flats. only trip computer reduced to a blob of pixels. as i sat there, i thought, any slower, that 360 would've been 180 christopher reeves type.

at this point some would say got away with it; that i can't run now, coupled with that that same rockhopper was just stolen, is karmatic. but they're fools, bc there is no karma, just like there's no easter bunny. while we're at it there's also no magic, fortune telling, mystical knowledge or lucky charms. no esp, premonition, divination, telepathy, synchronicity, or answered prayers. there are no visionaries unless you count the ppl who put aol & time warner together right? if jesus walked like kanye he didn't walk on water, multiply promotional wine or rise from any graves as there are no superpowers, resurrection, reincarnation or afterlife. there's no heaven, heaven's gate, or 72 virgins per suicide bomber waiting. no pantheons, golden tablets, alien visitations, or tom cruise e-metering. also, no elliott waves, ascending triangle bottoms, or head-and-shoulders in financial time series. there are: these ramsey theorems that say the more data, regardless of how random, the more coincidental patterns in it to be read. that's probably what confuses. but no planets line up to predetermine a f'ing thing, no causal links except where there are and even then, 1979 physics nobel s. weinberg: the more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless .