never dem heard of diego growing up
been called our little town to a minute ago. mentioned about as often as tj or delaware, dan fouts
how's a city's gonna be happenin boxed in desert east fence south, marine west marines north, oc desert beyond
you might see me ride to la jolla read the paper de la water sipping sake, bullsh parking
gallery non events, rubbin elbows with the elders, ladies always talking
about the kids never bringing up the ex's, you gotta ask them. jolla slogan:
'a break from the ordinary' - joke nested within the countywide
at one such met this girl baelin, that's gaelic
she walked in w her friend dara, i got smiled on, one drink & out
block on a roll? to roche bobois they had more. she worked there and said
'look what i dragged in' or to that effect and i was right there so i heard that
asked about a $2k chair just to conversate, she squats to show me
like she's on price is right but she could be on hegre alright
bf, out of town, but at the same time she kept going to the office
doing her lips in the mirror, profile, shoes more upscale than candies
dara said neurosis ... geography like solaris
she made it look good tho