got the best
review of my stories yet, from
rachel, law student, aims to help nonprofits
when she graduates, marx 2.0 style
called the writing rhythmical
dammit man, what i
wanna hear
now, did
preface it by saying she
wasn't sure about the chemical balance
sure there's hours i'd like to get down w buying a house
incrementally fill it w junk over the next 20 years
root for home team. but not in the peace
dreams. pls picture me, naggy kids
& csi miami or laughing
to jay leno
soon rhythmical:
new mixtape riding music 2
1+yr in the making & i haven't even
started sequencing. it's
not for profit
that long to dig up the underdogs
whether you feel the beats i won't lose sleep
musicology 101, lomax, no edge to california's self-hype
as if production battlelines are drawn on dre, quick & snoop's desks
outshined by slum kids armed w casios from mobile alabama
25s got me sittin in the sky, 5 carat shinin all in yr eye
15s bout to cause a earthquake, beatin so hard
make a dyke turn straight


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