"i just got
the test score back...
50/50. could not have been a better grade
thank you again for
your help"

50 out of 50
who took that final?
me that's who. as the student i tutored
merely typed in my answers on his laptop @ coffee bean
the course? grad contemporary econ. the program?
online mba. the uni? distal, rocky mountains
score achievable due to nyt biz section
my ex-friend h1's conclusion that
reading newspapers is a
sub 4 life? tut: 40/hr
how about
paper is in lieu
of watching television
where else
would you find gems
from knowns and unknowns:
los angeles
everything you do
you do alone and in your car
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
nyt 11.22.07
xtown beefs
~ ppl w convictions ~
.. . speculative reflections .. .
. . soon . .