in los angeles
nobody cared, nobody stopped
nobody looked
olafur eliasson / dyed rivers project
nyt 9.2.07 "thinking glacially, acting artfully"

i fly a gulfstream
how far do you think my g4 will go
on stock options? i need cash
un-id studio exec to daniel scheinman / vp: cisco systems
nyt 4.15.08 "moguls in hollywood and silicon valley
try to join forces again"

i dont like living in l.a. maybe
the reason so many people have drug problems
out there is it never rains. they have
to go to rehab just to turn
the lights down
parker posey
nyt 5.6.07 "indie star whose life is an indie film"

in a little neighborhood with two dozen homes
in the mountains, one way in one way out
you have certain expectations. you
don't expect a hospital
jeffery jennings / mayor: malibu
nyt key fall.07 "overrun by rehab"

one day
i'll move to this town. if i was
in l.a. i wouldn't have this smile on my face
see that blonde girl with the blue sweater?
in l.a. she'd have a skirt up to her ass
trying to fucking get a job
from some asshole
here, it's normal
here, not everybody has
this ambitious ugly agenda
besides, there's nothing to fucking do
in los angeles but pump iron
mickey rourke, austin

scottsdale was turning into l.a.
personally, i felt like i was stagnating
dick holtzman / president: kukui'lu development
nytimes 12.30.07 "drawn to an island life, and seeing the cost"