my jazz dealin friend mazi jahi (real name: reginald) pointed out that mex music sucks bc unlike brazil, cuba and a handful of other carib-zone nations, mexico never imported african slaves. that sht is true bc i grew up in italy and former yugoslavia and nobody's happening across those radio spectrums either. 30 centuries of european musical development and the best you can do dance-wise is strauss and flamencos? ya that'll rock a floor. notwithstanding, thank god for mex immigrants. live in san diego a year you'll want a barrel in your mouth you've never seen a more wretched pool of inbred, whitebread, non-moving-forward subcultures than exhibited in so-cal. nevermind the nascar contingent - beginning 10 miles inland, extending to atlantic - those dudes are looking hip compared to any beach community up and down 101, surfers, white rastas and scooter kids on some ska bullsh, dj's as effective as placidyl, sheriff dept, jim croce...jewel for the love of god? also, the with-it women shopping in mission valley are the ones who drove up from baja. you can spot them ten chain-pseudo-boutiques down, decked out in real high heels and tiny hineys, while the cali babes, albeit still fine, are invariably in flippers and hollister tops like they're still at the beach. so hats off amigos del sur, else there'd be nothing here but starbucks and bmw's. percent increase in # of hispanics since 1990 / nyt + queens college sociology dept + census bureau