im looking for a paper. i have it on my powerbook so why's it easier to google it. i type in the authors and the first link is the pdf - done. when i type the same in spotlight, nothing. then i rem i set it up so it only searches apps; files i do with finder. i type it in finder but nada. other files, but not the one. then i think maybe i never had the paper pdf itself, only a url to it. and is finder searching filename or pdf's content? metadata? some pdf's are more like jpg's and others are searchable. hey, who's got time | me & friends as undergrads went to prof leon sterling wanting to be cutting edge and learn prolog, and he was the kingpin for that. for whatever reason we were expecting him to be all excited to tutor us or let us sit in class but instead was all like: who are you people, what can i do for you. now he's chair of comp sci at melbourne. he paid $20k to move his furniture down unda. could have bought everything new there? anyway, he had something to do w google's engine

and why teach anything now that there's google. geography, history, any trivia-based curriculum. some say we should learn to do everything by hand/mentally, bc how would we cope w/o computers case some event throws us back in the stone age. ya right?

ps who can hold a flame to my viz. "leavin you crisp like in inferno, you niggaz aint learn tho"

alan at understars