i was a grad
out of blue got an email
from some assistant at cornell
to the effect that such & such an account
had a balance, could we close as soon as possible
not being the intended recipient, and prolly
having lunch in front of my sparcstation
i replied: fk you, we're not paying
just for giggles. so days later
got cc'd by our controller
full of stupid-sounding
legalese: "j-board"
"is there recourse"
in other words
instead of
the secretary
to forget it, chalk it
up to no sense of humor
like giugliani, no, i'm the asshole
what can i say, when ppl press
my buttons i turn into a
bastard, so i wrote
back about a
calling all of them
names e.g. automatons
my last words were to blow
me till you get a milk mustache
... so i was called to see the principal
i mean, engineering school dean
when i walked in his office
he was wearing
a beard plus
a stern
lincoln on mt.
rushmore expression
leaning back in his chair
"this is serious" was his opener
i told him i grew up on
howard stern so i
can't take any
of this seriously
so his jaw dropped
he couldn't tell me sht
after that. but he was nice
chem e, we rapped about fuel cells
for an hour. as i left he told me to write her
an apology email... sure. 'll get right on it
beth fuller is a student affairs coordinator
at my school who got a kick out of that
event. email her. used to laugh
every time she saw me
they may or may not
have those emails
on record. it's worth
a shot to try to obtain
being infotainment and all
would help the growth of the org
her email is emf4 at case edu. she's
a bubbly redhead w green eyes
she has a son who's a wigger
collects 1960s garage
for which ohio was
an epicenter
and also
works at rock
hall of fame where
she said, jimmy page threw a fit
bc his mannequin was same height as him