tom friedman oped nyt 3.8.09
. .
chen hsien
an employee of
fenghua ningbo plastic works
a factory that manufactures lightweight
household items for western markets expressed
his disbelief over the 'sheer amount
of garbage americans
will buy'
when we're
assigned a new order
for say salad shooters i will
say to myself there's no way that
anyone will ever buy these - one month
later we'll receive an order for the same product
but three times the quantity - how can
anyone have a need for such
useless garbage?
i hear
that americans
can buy anything they want
and i believe it, judging from the things i've
made for them. and i also hear that when
they no longer want an item they
simply throw it away
so wasteful

h2k aka "le bouf" reply 3.8.09
. .
chen's morals are
as wasteful and contemptible
as the people buying his
product, maybe worse
cause he admits
to building
i bought
a veggie chopper/salad spinner
from a picture and description on a website for $15
thinking how bad could it be. it was garbage
and i returned it. some people don't
return the crap and just lose
kinda like the fake

. .

not having television
that's the pure bar environment
where conversation is most important
we've never had a television because we've
wanted to inspire something that is close
to the convivality of pubs in ireland
and now even pubs over there
are putting in tv's
danny mcdonald / principal swift hibernian lounge, nyc
nyt 3.8.09 "pubs that still resist the pull of the television screen"

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