w his
"south fontana"
prison tat linking thumb
and forefinger, tales of 70s east l.a.
and 7 children, you'd think albert would be
the last person who'd have time to worry about
"the jews". i like barroom chats when you're
laughing or tell me somn new - eg crips
& bloods are out w the old, nuestra
familia in, at least in the
southland. who
asks me if i've
seen "american me"
have i seen it? . . shiiiit [*]
he tells me all true... somehow
this becomes a pivoting pt for his
rant on the controlling
i tell him, that's the oldest
don't tell me you're one of those who
believes there's 13 families who control everything
i ask him if he knows why israel is a net food exporter despite
1/2 the rainfall of ethiopia. they built universities instead of rolling
out a carpet to a compass direction x5 a day. hey sht if you
are going to bag on a group for applying themselves
what about the wasps? they parlayed savery
& watt's engine into 1/4 of this planet
yet nobody talks about the wog
legacy, wasp owned
it's true
who are bigger
control freaks than the brits
taking even the drums from slaves
fighting argentina over two worthless
rock outcroppings in the
south atlantic
at its peak
the moghul economy
was comparable to elizabethan
england..but by the mid
18th century.. .
"more recently
a 1986 article in southern
magazine scorfully portrayed cajuns
as atchafalaya swamp dwellers, devoid
of 'anglo-saxon discipline'" -
c.p gutierrez / "cajun
. .

. .

"in fine, sire
on this wondrous empire
the solar orb never sets. whose
march is on the mountain wave
whose home is on the deep"
- rm martin / "history
of the british
andaman & nicobar islands
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