rip off cop lift
abduct kidnap snatch
account statement bill tab
flicks films movies cinema motion pictures
acknowledge confess admit own up sing
delay procrastinate dawdle dillydally
deceive betray double-cross
purloin pilfer steal swipe
food grub viands
dupe trick hookwink fool
face visage countenance mug puss
reprove rebuke reprimand chide bawl out
chicken out give up capitulate submit surrender
guy gentleman person man fellow chap
theft larceny burglary robbery ripoff
thin skinny slender slim tenuous
rags clothes attire threads
addict fiend head
confused puzzled troubled
intelligent smart bright sharp
jock athlete sportsman
dumb stupid dopey
joseph m williams
dismiss fire bounce discharge sack
"origins of the english language" 1975
leaf through a dictionary
or try to make one
and you will find that every word
covers and masks a well
so bottomless that the questions you toss
into it barely make a sound
paul valery
quoted in: "the bokeh xlation problem" statigrafix complexity notes 2.5.09
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