america is one salesmanship-oriented nation
any given morning @any given starbuck
observe 1 to 3 buttoned up suits w
low lapels selling someone
something, whether
an investment vehicle
or a shtty still-overpriced kondo
and that someone on the other end of the
conversation optimistic enough to sign the dotted
in the attached budget graphic [nyt 2.27.09]
instructive from the point of view of complexity science, note:
1. estimates aka forecasts aka predictions, are always biased upward
reaching to reestablish optimism aka the wild blue yonder
but only rarely, temporarily, has reality abided
call it far-from-equlibrium then
then call miss cleo
2. red or blue in white house what's the difference
3. units: [2.2009]-$b. no worries tho
u.s.a 2big 2fail
4. do not forget, debt integrates
"under" curve