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d/29: mi roll areddi and search mi everyting. nightitime hear a gun shot. daytime gunshot. police come runnin. no need a warrant search ya house. mi wanted now fi kill a man and mi lawyer deal wid it. dat is why mi live inna de bush. mi know police nuh like come a bush, not in old england

j/16: mi get in fights at school based on words exchange. anyting 'bout yuh mother, anyting batty man. mi do exam and pass to fi go change to a betta school. mi use di money mi make from sell weed fi buy new nikes for school. mi grandmother used to smoke but she stop. her spliff used to be bigger dan mine

g/23: mi a ladies man. when a girl see mi an like mi mi jus go cross di room an seh, 'my friend what's your name.' nuh problem if she ave a man because it not a husband and wife ting. me no own ship. we no own plane. me jus use common sense. rich man find dem girl. dem fk her. next night dem lay her off. see what i mean?

c/30: ghetto a struggle. it a ting, today yuh ave life, tomorrow dem come take it from yuh. bu mi nuh live like wolf inna sheep clothin. mi live like warrior in warrior clodin. mi protect miself with mi mind, work fi miself, tink fa miself, ya know. dont want a man go dead in fron of mi. but if a bwoy cross mi, him cross himself. mi a go bury him go missing, yuh know

d/28: mi get frustrated when di metropolitan take up mi things. mi no ave license so mi haffi work a night. dem seize up mi tings an dem come fi tek way from people an slow up mi program. fem fast time and dem slow time. christmas time fast time, ya hear

a/10: it up to yuh what yuh wanna be. a good youth or a girl's youth or a bad youth. sometimes yuh ave no one to turn to. police no give a damn. cyaan call police. so what den, yuh turn christian. yuh turn coward see

c/33: my worst day when mi babymada move back a brixton. mash up mi head man. mi mek dat baby but him born in england. jamaican made. english born. him five years old now, call him trylle. mi ave eleven babies with eleven mamas. mi firs kid born when mi deyah jail. you haffi ave a woman to keep comfort, keep the demons off

j/22: mi sister die from a knife and three brothers from gun shot but still mi nuh kill no people. it seem like a test di faadaa give mi, so mi hold back. but if somebody push mi mi can be capable. my heart strong. mi no cry. mi cyaan sey when yuh come back next year yuh si mi. mi might not be here

quotes, portraits: trace / 2006