what people in
our demographic enjoy doing
meeting other people who are congruent
with their personality and with income
and probably education background
we give them a meeting place
and wine happens to be
the focal point
robert spuck / ceo winestyles
nyt 6.3.07 "vintage trend"
the minami satsuma
area of southern kagoshima
located at japan's southern tip, has long
been known for its sweet potato production
crystal-clear spring water from nearby kannoko spring is
used in crafting all shochu spirits produced by satsuma shuzo
with a wisdom and enthusiasm fostered by our predecessors and
passed down throughout our history, we are cultivating the shochu
culture of a new era. we bring you our blessed culture of high-quality
sweet potatoes and crystal-clear spring waters, well suited
ingredients for producing japan's finest shochu
satsuma shiranami brochure
. .

. .
$50 - diner paid
$25 - cost at retail
$17 - what restaurant paid
$12.50 - what distributor paid
$10.50 - cost of production to winery
nyt 8.11.99 "why that bottle's $50 in a restaurant"
. . .
i'm not a visionary; i'm an operator
mel karmazin / ceo sirius xm
nyt 8.6.08 "sirius chief undaunted by challenge"
i won't be selling my 1994's 4another
2years, my 1995's 4 3. i've got
2finance my inventory
john foy / principal sonoma grill