in a name?
everything. originally
eaton had proposed chrysler
daimler-benz. schrempp told him it
had to be daimler-chrysler or the deal was off
lee iacocca / where have all the leaders gone, 2007
a federal judge
has thrown out a lawsuit
filed by sheriff tom dart of cook co. fla
against craigslist, to rid its web site of classified ads
offering adult services, but the judge
john grady of fed district court
ruled tuesday that
the words
"adult services"
did not necessarily
mean prostitution
he said craigslist was
not to blame if
who post advertisements
violate guidelines barring prostitutes
from using it to solicit business
sheriff dart said prostitution
was still being advertised
even though the web site had
changed a category name
from "erotic services"
to "adult services"

nyt 10.23.09
. .
the machinery
of conceptual semantics
makes us permanently vulnerable
to fallacies in reasoning
steven pinker
the stuff of thought, 2007
. . .
linguistic relativism > conceptual semantics
drilling for oil > energy exploration
vouchers > opportunity scholarships
torture > enhanced interrogation
partly cloudy > partly sunny
shellshock > battle fatigue
estate tax > death tax
dumps > landfills
bums > the homeless
old people > senior citizens
eavesdropping > electronic intercepts
guerilla tactics > asymmetric warfare
pornography > the adult industry
gambling > the gaming industry
dept of war > dept of defense
religious > faith based
fetus > the unborn
george lakoff < wikipedia
wikipedia > ray jackendoff