to understand
the difference between
0th and 1st order abuse of language
suffices to consider the following examples:
1st order: the word "literally"
. .
you know one of the things i can't stand, is people who misuse the word literally
when you misuse literally you are using it in the exact opposite way it was intended
when you fck that up you fck that up so bad, it's not like a little goof. it's not like you said
penultimate when you meant ultimate, it's not like you're off by one. you should completely
stop using the word forever until you figure it out. and sportscasters do that all the time
like "ohh he literally ripped his head off on that play oh myyy".. what? no he didn't

david cross / "shut up you fken baby"
0th order: the phrase "man up"
urban dictionary describes as
"don't be a p*ssy, brave it"
. .
man up and be a chef!
diners don't want to go to school
and study every time they go out to a restaurant
it is your job to provide them with sustainable choices

casson trenor / chef tataki san francisco
culinary trends 1q09
since it's impossible
to use without sounding p*ssy
there is no correct usage
w/o hypocrisy, so
0th order
. . .

language-abuse.L.jpg language-abuse.R.jpg

of that
i shall have also cause to speak
from his mouth whose voice will draw on more

- fortinbras