addicted to zion
market's 30 kimch'i's
ppl ask me if i'm not feeling
socal, why don't i move to nashville
b/c no zion, no 99. @ the statistical society
picnic, nice 2meet a korean woman in pink raver
wear, backpack purse, marketing data mining
attendees: 5 white, 40 korean & chinese
l2r: greens / clams / octopus / skate
wing / homemade cucumber
salad / daikon .. wash
down: jinro soju


the master cooks of the choson dynasty were the palace women with origin in either commoner or low-born families and entered service at the royal palace around the age of twelve or thirteen but on occasion some were as young as four. they wre actual government employees of choson. however, they could not opt out of their positions. instead they were employed at the palace for life. at any given time, there were about 600 palace women of different officidal grades filling various capacities. among these there were a few positions that were exclusively dedicated to the preparation of food with either the saenggwa-bang [bureau of special foods] or soju-bang [bureau of cooking foods] / mj pettid korean cuisine: an illustrated history